on Wednesday 16 May 2007
by bato
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Nightrose Records, 2007

I remember Mort contacting me a few weeks ago in order for me to do a review of his new material. So what can I then tell you about this Mort?
Mort was established in 2001 and he has released one demo which gained good response in metal underground, but with this one first full-length album he’s taking his band a step further.
There are ten well mixed and well produced tracks of what I would describe as black metal with some industrial influences. Alone the fact that he succeded in getting this album released through Nightrose Records is enough proof of its quality. It is brutal, it is extreme with esp. interesting but a bit cliché lyrics dealing with pain, death and sorrow.
It is no more than 30 minutes ling disc, but on a positive note I would say it is not boring, you’re really entertained throughout the whole disc.
It is incredible what one Swedish maniac is capable of creating, true mayhem my friends.
For any further information on this unit/band or to hear two samples from this album please visit www.mort.net.tc or www.nightroserecords.net.tc




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