Everything started out sometime back in 2001-2002 on a balcony somewhere in Stockholm. Andreas were chainsmoking with a friend and talked about music in general when both of them thought that heavier music needed a new direction. The talk of mixing different kind of styles and forming something new were very appealing to both of them.
However nothing really happened back then, more than the idea were born. The seed of MORT were planted and started to grow bigger during the years to follow.

Then one lonely night sometime in 2005 Andreas finally decided that now things had to start moving, so he sat down and wrote some songs. But this time he was alone on this project.
He elaborated a lot with mixing industrial music with blackmetal and some songs for a demo was recorded. The demo were passed around to get some feedback on the sound and the response were more than positive, in fact so positive that several radiostations played the demo on air.

With that in his back he begun writing a complete album and hit the studio once again to record everything all over again.
The debut-album were released through a small indie-label and the music hit the radios again, this time it even climbed up some charts and managed to stay there quite a while.

But when he started to recieve request for doing gigs, he sadly had to turn them down since it had been a one-man-project that far.
For the new material he wrote, he decided that he needed members so MORT actually could become a real band, also performing concerts.
Members came and went throughout the following years, songs were recorded, gigs were played and so on. Wich leads us up to date, when the lineup is full and MORT is kicking ass everywhere they can.


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